Hard Water Stains Removal

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Lime scale deposits can cause unsightly hard water spots on glass, particularly in bathroom cubicles. Hard water stains Removal From Glass in your local tap water, will cause stains that standard window cleaning procedures can’t remove. Special Restoration procedures are now required to remove these hard water spots or mineral deposits to restore this corroded glass to crystal clear clarity. Your glass windows are one of the most costly investments in your building and deserve appropriate care to prevent permanent degradation of transparency caused by hard water marks, oxidization and other environmental pollutants. We are not just simply cleaning the glass, here we are restoring the glass.

We will be providing an “Eco - friendly” green alternative to our clients, by saving landfills from glass: If given the choice, most people will definitely opt to save their glass if it’s possible to restore it to new like clarity. Most people would like to save the environment by contributing more eco-friendly options of repairs. As shown in the before and after photo, even the most awful glass stains can be removed successfully, even if the glass staining has been developing over the course of several years.

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