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Q 1. Can all types of glass be repaired?

A. Glass having coating on its surface cannot be repaired.

Q 2. Can car windshields be repaired?

A. Yes, laminated windshields can be repaired.

Q 3: Are the scratch repairs visible?

A. Not at all, No body can find out that it has been repaired.

Q 4. Will it work on curved glass?

A. Yes, but with some precautions.

Q 5. Will it work on tinted glass?

A. Yes, if the colour tint is throughout the whole thickness of glass.

Q 6. Does your system work on mirrors?

A. Yes but with utmost care. A mirror is just a piece of flat glass with a very thin reflective coating.

Can scratches be removed from tempered glass?

A. Yes, the difference between the annealed and tempered glass is that it has been heat treated to get additional strength for safety. It works very well on tempered glass. Scratches can be removed from any piece of tempered glass with no visible or infinitesimal distortion, which cannot be observed at a glance.

Q 8. Can GLASSLOGICX really restore our scratched or acid etched glass windows to brand new?

A. Certainly,Yes. GLASSLOGICX has extensive experience in removing scratches and damage from glass, we can repair glass more quickly at less expense than replacement. We at GLASSLOGICX take utmost care during the restoration process and have perfected the technique and different processes involved to be able to provide a perfect glass repair.

Q 9. Can we remove hard water marks, mineral deposits, acid etching marks and any sticky substance from the glass surface?

A. Certainly, yes. These marks can be polished out and the glass will look like a brand new.

Q 10. Will the scratch treatment weaken the glass?

A. Most of the people are not aware that scratch has already weakened the glass. Glass has almost no resistance against tension, the slightest amount of force in expansion can cause rupture. The presence of a scratch in the glass will weaken the surface integrity of the glass and cause a breaking point to open up. Basically we are not strengthening the glass rather removing the strain from the surface of the glass by removing the scratches from its surface.

Q 11. Shall we remove the glass for the treatment?

A. No need to remove the glass from the original fitting as we will provide the services on the site itself.


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